RIDGID 18-Volt X4 Hyper Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit (3-Tool) with Radio (Certified Refurbished)We all know that synthetic diamonds are used in a lot of ways like precision cutting, drilling, surgery, and more. Humanmade diamonds or lab-created diamonds are also referred to as eco-friendly diamonds because one does not have to dig them out of the earth.

Definition of Eco Diamonds

What is an Eco Diamond? Eco diamonds are mostly made of 100% pure carbon. With the latest technologies, these diamonds are almost the same with mined ones. What’s great about these diamonds is that scientists in a laboratory create them. Eco Diamonds are also cheaper, allowing buyers to save around an average of twenty-five percent compared to purchasing a mined diamond of the same quality and kind.

Eco diamonds are lab-grown, graded, and certified too. They undergo a strict process before being worthy to be called “eco-friendly.” These diamonds, once they pass the test, appear physically the same as naturally mined diamonds without the trouble of disturbing our precious earth.


In case you’re doubting, thinking this is all impossible, well, let me tell you that with the highly-advanced technology and processes nowadays, it’s actually possible to create a genuine diamond. These eco-friendly jewels are made using intense heat and pressure combined with a tiny real diamond “seed.” This seed provides the molecular structure building block to create the sheets of carbon which will be later on placed over the seed. The process removes the social and mining responsibility issues that are attached to a diamond that’s naturally mined.

Eco-Friendly or Not?

True, it’s possible to recreate a diamond these days as if the fabricated one is real, but are these diamonds eco-friendly? Remember that the process includes intense heat and pressure, which means a substantial amount of energy is needed as well. Instead of the natural heat and pressure that form genuine diamonds, laboratories have to fabricate the heat and pressure, using around 58,000 atmospheres of pressure at 2,300-degree Fahrenheit to crystallize the material. Although that might seem a lot, it’s nothing compared to the energy required to mine a diamond. So, yes, these diamonds are eco-friendly, and celebrities are right about promoting them.

Other Advantages of Environmentally-Friendly Diamonds


  1. No blood diamonds
  2. More brilliant
  3. Always conflict-free
  4. Consistent
  5. 15-25% cheaper that mined ones